So much to bake so little time

My mission is to inspire people around me with my bakes and set them up for a rewarding baking experience by passing on tried and tested recipes that are achievable and delicious.

I’m happiest:  in the kitchen baking.

What inspires me:  recipes and food pictures.

I love : feeding people, whale watching and pizza.

Biggest Baking disaster :there have been too many to count but the most memorable was the first cake I made after moving to the UK . It was that Gugelhupf I had made countless of times but it came out as hard as a rock and it was used as a door stop for a few days.

I don’t eat : Lamb

For fun I : Run , lift weights , meditate.

I live : on 10 acres outside Melbourne Australia  with my number one taste tester Jeff, our two  wonderfully gorgeous  girls , Finnie the dog and plenty of other creatures.

I can’t: watch scary movies

Always wanted : to be a better singer and dancer

Perfect day : early morning walk in the city followed by brunch ,market visit then for an afternoon of baking, some katsu for dinner, cuddled up on the sofa by 8 with the fire roaring a sneaky toffee vodka listening to the kids squabble and the dog snore.