Hey, I’m Birgit a mum of two girls working as a barista with the loving nickname BB. From the moment I wake up I think about my next bake. I own hundreds of cooking/baking books and if I’m not in the kitchen baking you will catch me taking pictures of my bakes or reading my favourite foodie magazines.

Growing up in Switzerland home made fresh food was a daily occurrence and nothing ever came from a package or was microwaved.

My parents both educated me with good solid kitchen skills with my dad rubbing off his love for bread and yeast-based bakes and my mum assuring I could whip up a Gugelhupf in my sleep.

The true love for baking however got passed on from my Austrian Oma who invested countless hours in schooling me the art of strudel making, vanilla kipferl shaping and working a berliner dough to just the right consistency.

Little did I know back then that all this guidance and nurturing would lead me to be the passionate and knowledgeable home baker I have grown into be.